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UPDATE! – Winners – Halloween Costume Design Contest 2020

25 noviembre, 2020

After collecting all the photos, you can be delighted now by the happiness that the Halloween Costume Desing Contest winners have in these pictures, while they are showing their terrifying drawings and the spooky prizes they got! Do not worry if you did not win this year, you will have more chances in next contests.…

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Halloween 2020

3 noviembre, 2020

Buuuuuu! Did you have a good time celebrating Halloween at school? I think so because the masterpiece video made by students from 6th grade is incredible! Thanks to them and their teacher Ana Twose, who did a huge job editing the final result. Enjoy it! Apart from that, Kindergarten kids and Primary pupils did a…

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European Day of Languages 2020

6 octubre, 2020

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to the bilingual blog! How are you? To start this new academic year, last 26th of September we celebrated the European Day of Languages. Children from 1st grade of Kindergarten to 6th grade of Primary were doing several activities to give importance to the diversity of languages in our continent. We…

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Flat Stanley Project – From Zaragoza to Istanbul!

19 mayo, 2020

Our pupils from Kindergarten and 1st Grade of Primary received some Flat Stanley paper dolls from their Turkish friends at the beginning of the year. Now students from Saint Agustin’s School have sent their photos and videos to make a fantastic video. You can watch it here! Our friends from Istanbul will see it soon…

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English Tales from Kindergarten

1 abril, 2020

Hello! How are you? Today, we have news from the youngest students of the school. Kindergarten children are having a Cultural Week full of stories, in Spanish and in English. Here we have some teachers that have become YouTubers to read aloud fantastic English tales! Enjoy them!

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Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day from home!

20 marzo, 2020

Hello! How are you? We have been collecting your photos in green to make this fantastic collage. Click on the picture, download it and try to find your photo among all the pieces of the mosaic! Apart from it, we have received a lot of fantastic videos. Click here and watch a selection. Furthermore, teachers…

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News from Turkey!

16 marzo, 2020

Our friends from Istanbul (Turkey) have sent some Flat Stanley Project works, fantastic postcards and interesting letters to our students. We are very happy with them! Now is our turn!

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January Story-telling

26 febrero, 2020

Hi there! For celebrating the Peace Day, we carried out a story-telling activity about three good friends: Stick, Stone and Pinecone. They taught us values of friendship. Then, we danced with them and finally, we made a craft for creating the Peace Dove. You can watch the story here and sing with them too because…

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English Theatre

26 febrero, 2020

Last month, the threatre company “Theatre4Schools” visited our school and played “The Tin Soldier” and “The Emperor’s New Suit”. We all had a good time laughing and singing with them. You can see here some photos of that day.

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Thanksgiving activity and Story-telling

3 diciembre, 2019

If you entered at school by the main entrance at the end of November you could see the trees decorated with bright and colourful strings. Each one is a message saying thanks for all the things that are important for our pupils. We could learn about Pilgrims history and the first Thanksgiving traditions. We have…

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