We have started busily the school year in San Agustin School celebrating the European Day of Languages. We have wanted to take into account all our buddies´nationalities and we have developed lots of activities in our English lessons.
In 3rd Grade we think the European day of Languages is for everybody! That´s why we have learnt about how animals sound in each language.
4th Grade students discovered the big amount of languages spoken in Europe.
They wrote greetings as “Hello/Goodbye/See you soon”, in different languages, on  the flags of the countries after colouring them. They made a colourful poster sticking the flags around the map of Europe: La revedere (Romanian), Adieu (French), Bless (Icelandic), Auf wiedersehen (German)…
5th Grade students have prepared a video in which we could speak in different languages realizing about the rest of languages difficulties. Here you have a video where you can see us speaking Rumanian, English, French, Spanish, German…
You can watch it in Colegio San Agustín Youtube channel.
6th Grade children have worked about descriptions using their favourite European Celebrities. We have use descriptive adjectives to talk about their physical appearance and clothes designs.
Happy European Day of Languages Day