25th and 27th activities answers 5th

Good morning kids,

Today I upload the answers of the 25th and 27th activities. If you don´t understand something you can ask me. Remember to write me an email.

Monday 25th May

AB: 55 ex. 1

AB 55 e1 answers 5th


AB: 81 Bilingual Dictionary.

AB 81 Bilingual Dictionary answers 5th

Wednesday 27th May

AB: 56 e. 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5

AB 56 e1 answers 5th AB 56 e2 answers 5th AB 56 e3 answers 5th AB 56 e4 answers 5th

AB: 92 e. 1 and 2

AB 92 e1 answers 5th AB 92 e2 answers 5th

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