Homework answers 18th and 20th may 6th

Hi children,

I hope you have a good week and you don´t have any problem with this week activities.

Here I upload the activities answers for the first two days of the week. I hope it´s useful for you.

Monday 18th May

Literacy non-fiction: CB: 59 ex.1 and 2

Literacy non-fiction CB 6th Answers

AB: 52 ex 1 and 2

AB 52 e1 answers 6th AB 52 e2 answers 6th


Wednesday 20th May

CB: 61 ex.1 , 2 and 3

CB 59 e2 answers 6thCB 59 e1 answers 6thCB 61 e3 answers 6th

AB: 54 ex.1, 2 and 3

AB 54 e1 answers 6th

If you want that I correct you exercises 2 and 3 you can send me a picture to:


And I will answer you as soon as it´s possible.


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