Wednesday 15th April 6th

Good morning everyone,

I hope you liked the text about Easter traditions. Here I attach you the homework answers. You have both Class and Activity book answers.


Easter 6th answers


AB 82 e 3 6thAB 82 e 1 6th AB 82 e 2 6th

For the rest of the week we are going to work on a reading. We are going to start reading an adventure story called “The Lost City”. But we aren´t going to read it everything at once. This week we are going to start with  Meet the characters and chapter 1.

Book: The lost city book and picture dictionary

Every day we read a chapter we will work on some of the exercises on the Activity Book related to each part. I will specify it every day.

Tomorrow you have to read Meet the Characters  and Chapter 1 and work on your AB 74 ex. 1, 2, 3 and AB 75 ex. 1, 2 and 4.

I will attach the answers next day on the web.

Enjoy the reading!!!

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