Tuesday 24th march 6th

Here you have the 23rd homework answers:

Answers AB 42 Answers CB 48 ex 1 Answers CB 48 ex 2

Now we are going to work on the Unit Song. Here I attach you the Audio and the song to practice.

Voluntary work: You can record yourself dancing or singing the song and I will upload the videos to be able to watch them.

U4L6 Song 6th


From our AB: 40 ex 4

Then we are going to review the Unit 4 grammar. Here you have a link with an explanation about it.


Then you have to do the activity related to the Comparative and Superlative adjectives. (If you can´t print, you can do it on your English notebook)

CS ADJ Tuesday 24 march 6th

Tomorrow I will upload the answers of the worksheet.

If you have any doubt, ask me.

Have a nice day!!!

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