Friday 20th march 5th

Good afternoon kids,

I hope you liked the comic! Did you realize that Professor Higgings looks like Mrs Rose? I can´t wait for the next chapter….

Here I attach the notebook and activity book answer. Now you can check them!!

Young Detectives Class Book Answers

U4L5 P39 Ex 1

U4L5 P39 Ex 2

U4L5 P39 Ex 3


U4L5 P39 Ex 4

Today I want that you practise the Unit song: “The college bop song”.

You have to do the exercise 3 that I attached you.

I am going to give you the link to listen it and practise it.

U4L6 Song

After watching, dancing and signing the video you can work on your activity page 40 exercise 4.

Voluntary Work: If you want to record a video dancing or singing it, you can send it to me: and I will upload it to the web and we can enjoy watching our partners´videos.

I hope you have a very good weekend!! See you on Monday!!



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