Thursday 19th march 5th

Good afternoon children,

First of all I attach you the anwers of your 17th march homework. Here you have

U4L4 P38 Ex 1 Answer U4L4 P38 Ex 2 and 3 Answer

Today we are going to work about the comic that you well know “The Young Detectives”

Read and listen the comic and repeat it too, it´s a good way to practise your pronunciation.

U4L5 Young Detectives 5thU4L5 Young Detectives 5th (1)


From these two pages you can do exercises 3 and 5.

To practice this story you can do from your Activity Book Page 39 exercises 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Tomorrow I will put the answers on the web too.

Have a nice day!!

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