Wednesday 18th march 6th

Hi children!

Here we are… I am very glad to greet you and I hope you and all your family are well. I miss you a lot and I hope to see you very soon.

But we have to continue with our lessons. Today I want to review all the things that we are supposed to do this week and remember the tasks.

As I know that you have lots of things to do I don´t want to add more activities for this week.

For Monday we were supposed to do from this page exercise 5. Paying attention on the example at the top we have to invent another notice for our school noticeboard.

Literacy non fiction Drama Club 6th

For Thursday 6th C and Friday 6th A and B you have to send me the Book review video.

I think that for this week is enough. I imagine that you have lots of other homework too and I am sure next week everything is going to be easier.


Hola chicos!

Os resumo la información en castellano.

Como sé que esta semana estáis un poco agobiadetes con la nueva situación, desde inglés vamos a ir terminando las actividades que se tenían que entregar esta semana. No quiero cargaros, de momento, con más.

Para el lunes teníamos que realizar  el ejercicio de la página que os he adjuntado un poco más arriba. Se trata de inventar un anuncio similar al del ejemplo.

Para el jueves teníais que enviarme la reseña del libro.

Creo que para esta semana es suficiente. La semana que viene seguiremos trabajando y os dejaré también ejercicios de gramática adicionales, como hacemos en todos los temas para el que quiera hacer más cosas.

Here you have the Saint Patrick´s Trivia Answers

ST. Patrick’s Trivia


Name _______ANSWERS_____________ Correct Answers ____________

1. A trifoliate plant that is a national symbol of Ireland.

A. Pepperwort            B. Shamrock      C. Water Clover         D. Lucky clover

2. What day is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day?

A. 25th January B. 17th March  C. 18th April     D. 17th May

3. St Patrick is said to have used a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.

A. True            B. False

4. What is the birth name of St. Patrick?

A. Maewyn Succat       B. Patricius     C. Patrick Celestine      D. Benignus

5. What was the original national colour of Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day?

A. Yellow       B. Green          C. Red             D. Blue

6. Which of the following rock singers/bands is Irish?

A. U2              B. Roxette        C. Falco          D. Europe

7. Name of the wooden walking stick of the Leprechaun.

A. Makila       B. Shillelagh                C. Alpenstock              D. Kebbie

8. What happens to you If you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?

A. Not allowed at the parade   B. Bad luck for a year C. Get pinched D. Have nightmares

9. Doing which of the following is said to bring you good luck on St. Patrick’s Day:

A. Wearing green clothes         B. Drinking beer          C. Taking a bath in a river

D. None of these

10. In traditional Irish Stew they use lots of potatoes, what meat is used for the stew?

A. Lamb          B. Beef                        C. Chicken                   D. Pork

11. Where was the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebrated in 1762?

A. Ireland        B. Canada        C. New York              D. Boston

12. In what location is it rumoured that leprechauns bury their pot of gold?

A. In a cave    B. The end of a rainbow           C. A river          D. A mountain

Cuidaros, un besazo muy gordo.

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