Saint Patricks Day Activity

Hi children!!
You know that today it´s a special festivity in Ireland. Today It´s Saint Patrick´s Day!
Here you have some videos about Saint Patrick´s history and lifestyle.

Then you can look up info on Internet about this special day to solve the next Quiz. Good Luck!!!
(You have this info on the platform too)

ST. Patrick’s Trivia

Name _____________________________ Correct Answers ____________

After watching the video about Saint Patrick´s Day festivity, I invite you to look up the info on Internet related to this special Irish festivity. Good Luck!!
(Tomorrow I will give you the answers)

1. A trifoliate plant that is a national symbol of Ireland.
A. Pepperwort B. Shamrock C. Water Clover D. Lucky clover

2. What day is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day?
A. 25th January B. 17th March C. 18th April D. 17th May

3. St Patrick is said to have used a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.
A. True B. False

4. What is the birth name of St. Patrick?
A. Maewyn Succat B. Patricius C. Patrick Celestine D. Benignus

5. What was the original national colour of Ireland during St. Patrick’s Day?
A. Yellow B. Green C. Red D. Blue

6. Which of the following rock singers/bands is Irish?
A. U2 B. Roxette C. Falco D. Europe

7. Name of the wooden walking stick of the Leprechaun.
A. Makila B. Shillelagh C. Alpenstock D. Kebbie

8. What happens to you If you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?
A. Not allowed at the parade B. Bad luck for a year C. Get pinched D. Have nightmares

9. Doing which of the following is said to bring you good luck on St. Patrick’s Day:
A. Wearing green clothes B. Drinking beer C. Taking a bath in a river
D. None of these

10. In traditional Irish Stew they use lots of potatoes, what meat is used for the stew?
A. Lamb B. Beef C. Chicken D. Pork

11. Where was the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade celebrated in 1762?
A. Ireland B. Canada C. New York D. Boston

12. In what location is it rumoured that leprechauns bury their pot of gold?
A. In a cave B. The end of a rainbow C. A river D. A mountain

If this Quiz it´s not enough, here you have a link about The National Geographic Quiz too

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