Activities answers (1st and 3rd June) 6th

Good morning children;

We are just finishing our classes and you are working really hard. We are very happy with your work.

I attach you Monday and Wednesday Activities answers.

Monday 1st June

Young Detectives AB: 59

Young Detectives AB 59 e1 answers 6th Young Detectives AB 59 e2 answers 6th Young Detectives AB 59 e3 answers 6th

Wednesday 3rd June

Grammar CB: 60 ex. 1 , 2 and 3

AB 60 e1 answers 6thAB 60 e2 answers 6thAB 60 e3 answers 6th

AB: 109

AB 109 e1 answers 6th AB 109 e2 answers 6th AB 109 e3 answers 6th

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