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Activities answers (Monday 8th to Friday 12th) 5th

Hi children,

Now you are in the last week of the course. This week is going to be amazing travelling around the world and discovering different aspects of several cultures.

Here I attach you the last week activities answers.

Kidnap! Answers

Kidnap! chapter 5 and 6 answers


Animals Book Project Activities

Project e1 5th AB 64 e1 answers 5th AB 64 e2 answers 5th

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Activities answers (4th and 5th June) 5th

Hi kids,

Today I upload the last two days activities answers.

Thursday 4th June

Literacy non-fiction CB: 69 ex. 1 and 2

CB 69 ex 1 5th CB 69 ex 2 5th

AB: 61 ex 1 and 2

AB 61 ex 1 5th AB 61 ex 2 5th

Friday 5th June

Kidnap! pages 24 and 25

Kidnap! pages 24 and 25 answers

And now you can enjoy your weekend! Have nice days!

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Activities answers (1st and 3rd June) 5th

Good morning children;

We are just finishing our classes and you are working really hard. We are very happy with your work.

I attach you Monday and Wednesday Activities answers.

Monday 1st June

Young Detectives AB: 59

AB 59 ex 1 5th AB 59 ex 2 5th AB 59 ex 3 5th AB 59 ex 4 5th

Wednesday 3rd June

Grammar CB: 60 ex. 1 and 2

AB 60 ex 1 5th AB 60 ex 2 5th

AB: 93

AB 93 ex 1 5th AB 93 ex 2 5th

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28th and 29th Activities Answers 5th

Hi kids,

We have just finished the last week of May. We´ve been working really hard these days. Here I attach you the activities answers to check them.

Thursday 28th May

Totally Culture CB: 64 ex 1 and 2

CB 64 e1 answers 5th CB 64 e2 answers 5th

AB: 57 e.1

AB 57 e1 answers 5th

Friday 29th May

Kidnap! pages 18 and 19.

Kidnap! Pages 18 19 answers

I hope that you have a very nice weekend!


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25th and 27th activities answers 5th

Good morning kids,

Today I upload the answers of the 25th and 27th activities. If you don´t understand something you can ask me. Remember to write me an email.

Monday 25th May

AB: 55 ex. 1

AB 55 e1 answers 5th


AB: 81 Bilingual Dictionary.

AB 81 Bilingual Dictionary answers 5th

Wednesday 27th May

AB: 56 e. 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5

AB 56 e1 answers 5th AB 56 e2 answers 5th AB 56 e3 answers 5th AB 56 e4 answers 5th

AB: 92 e. 1 and 2

AB 92 e1 answers 5th AB 92 e2 answers 5th

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Homework answers 21st and 22nd may 5th

Hi children,
I hope you have had a very good week. Here I upload the activitites answers of 21th and 22th. I think it´s going to be very useful to you.

Thursday 21st

AB: 53 ex. 1

Crossword 5th L8U5

Friday 22nd May

Kidnap! pages 12 and 13

Kidnap! pages 12 y 13 answers

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Homework answers 18th and 20th may 5th

Hi children,

I hope you have a good week and you don´t have any problem with this week activities.

Here I upload the activities answers for the first two days of the week. I hope it´s useful for you.

Monday 18th May

Literacy non-fiction CB: 58 ex. 2 and 4

Literacy non-fiction CB 5th Answers

AB: 52 ex. 1, 2 and 3

AB 52 e1 answers 5th AB 52 e2 answers 5th


Wednesday 20th May

Technology Reading CB: 61 ex. 1, 2 and 3

Reading CB U5L9 5th ex1 answers

Reading CB U5L9 5th ex.2 answers

Reading CB U5L9 5th ex.3 answers

AB: 54 ex. 1, 2 and 3

Reading AB 54 e1 answers 5th Reading AB 54 e2 answers 5th Reading AB 54 e3 answers 5th

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Homework answers Thursday 14th and Friday 15th 5th

Hi children,

Here I upload the last activities answers of last week. I hope you have a very good week.

Thursday 14th

Kidnap! Before reading activities and pages 6 and 7.

Kidnap! pages 6-7 answers

Friday 15th   

CB 56 ex 3 and AB 51 e5 “Technology”

CB 58 ex 3 answers 5th


AB 51 ex 5 answers 5th




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English Exercises Answers (7th and 8th) 5th

Now I upload the 7th and 8th homework answers.


Can Could Grammar Exercises 5th BC Answers


On the week plan you have the PDF document attached. You can correct it from there!

Have a great weekend!

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English exercises answers (4th-6th May)

Here you have the answers of Monday and Wednesday homework.


Game and Writing worksheet 5th Anwers


Totally Culture CB54 e1 and 2 answers

Totally Culture A B48 e1 5th Totally Culture A B48 e2 and 3 5th

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